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We take pride in stating that Saint Gobian India Pvt Ltd – Glass Business, after a thorough due diligence process comprising various audits & inspection have certified MSGPL as ‘SG Assured Co-branded Glass Processor of Saint Gobian India Pvt Ltd – Glass Business’.

About Saint-Gobain:

The Flat Glass Division of Saint-Gobain, Saint-Gobain Vitrage, is firmly established and proactive in Europe and America and is now strengthening its presence in Asia. Its industrial capacity makes it the leading manufacturer of flat glass in Western Europe and a front runner worldwide.

At the very heart of the Flat Glass Division, Saint-Gobain Glass specializes in float glass manufacture and magnetron coated glass.

Saint-Gobain Glass owns 30 float lines worldwide (including 13 joint ventures) and 13 coating facilities producing an array of different glass types: clear float, body-tints, low-E glass, patterned glass, laminated glass, silvered glass.

Modern Safety Glass product basket marketed under our brand HERCULES (with Co-branding of Saint-Gobain) comprises of Heat Strengthened, Toughened, value added Insulated Glass Units (IGU) with Automatic Argon Gas Filling, Laminated Double Glazed Units (DGU), Lamination with Resin & EVA , Ceramic Fretted Glass and Switchable Glass Units. Please follow the link for the complete range of products highlighting the features, benefits and quality standards of HERCULES & SG, assuring you with the right quality, clarity and thickness.

Modern Safety Glass brings to you, glass solutions with our brand logo HERCULES that promises assured thickness and clarity as SG Assured processing partner to provide you the best quality and a best buying experience. As a result, HERCULES products assure you with the right quality, clarity and thickness at all times.

Modern Safety Glass has a completely integrated glass processing line consisting of Jumbo Automatic Loader, CNC Cutting Machine from Italy and Breaking Line which can be very cost effective for our customers as Saint Gobain now supplies us jumbo glasses. With proper optimization of glass size on jumbo size sheets we can ensure considerable savings on wastages.

Our sister company, Modern Bazar is one of the leading Decorative Glass executors in the state for over 26 years. With the combined expertise and also, working closely with leading fabricators, we can undertake and execute anything and everything in architectural and decorative glass requirements of our clients.

Few of our prestigious clientele and major segments we cater to are Aparna Enterprises, Fenesta PVC, NCL Buildtek in UPVC; Phoenix – Aquila & HO9, Aparna One, Mangalore Airport, AIMS at Guntur & Bilaspur in Projects; Aluplex India, Sun Glazing, Hatim Glazing in Fabricators; Damian Corporate, Narsi Interiors, D & M India in Interior Contractors.